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This Months Feature Duplex Designs
131 Villa 131 m2
small villa plans,
3 Bed + 2 Bath
146 -146 m2
duplex designs for narrow blocks
3 Bed + 2 Bath
150KR -150 m2
townhouse-duplex design
3 Bed + 2 Bath
153DU-153 m2
Dual Key 4 Bed + 2 Bath
Dual Key 4 Bed + 2 Bath
164DU-164 m2
Dual Key 4 Bed + 2 Bath
Dual Key 4 Bed + 2 Bath
170 CLM-170 m2
cabin stlye duplex
6 Bed + 2 Bath
Dual Key-171 m2
Narrow Lot Dual Key 4 Bed + 2 Bath
Narrow Lot 4 Bed
173raaf -173 m2
duplex design
5 Bed + 2 Bath
Dual Key 183DK-183 m2
Dual Key 5 Bed + 3 Bath
5 Bed + 3 Bath
190DU-190 m2
Dual Key 4 Bed + 2 Bath
4 Bed + 2 Bath
213DU-213 m2
townhouse 3 bed
Narrow 3 Bed + 2 Bath
213TH-213 m2
duplex townhouse units
3 Bed + 2 Bath Narrow
215DU-215 m2
duplex design
3 Bed x 2 Bed Duplex
220 CLM-220 m2
5 Bed+ 3 Bath
230 CLM-230 m2
duplex 6 bed-duplex house plans
6 Bed + 4 Bath
230 IP-230 m2
duplex house plans australia
6 Bed + 2 Bath
231 DU-231 m2
duplex house plans australia
Corner Lot Design
234DU-234 m2
duplex plans
6 Bed + 2 Bath
237dU-237 m2
duplex floor plans
6 Bed + 2 Bath
269DU-269 m2
townhouse plans
6 Bed + 4 Bath
276DU-276 m2
duplex house designs
6 Bed + 4 Bath
295 DU 306 m2
duplex 6 bedroom
6 Bed- Corner Land Duplex
296Dw-296 m2
duplex builders
6 Bed + 6 Bath
297DU-297 m2
duplex plans for narrow lots
6 Bed + 4 Bath
297DU2-297 m2
moderen townhouse
6 Bed + 4 Bath
299DU2-299 m2
narrow lot duplex
4 Bed + 2 Bath
302DU-292 m2
duplex home plans
6 Bed + 4 Bath
318DU-318 m2
corner duplex design
8 Bed + 4 Bath
336DU-316 m2
moderen townhouse
7 Bed + 3 Bath
344DU-344 m2
duplex house designs
8 Bed + 3 Bath
345DU-336 m2
triplex design-triplex builders
7 Bed + 3 Bath
350DU-330 m2
duplex designs floor plans
6 Bed + 4 Bath
376DU-376 m2
large duplex
6 Bed + 4 Bath
379DU-379 m2
4 unit complex
12 Bed + 4 Bath
472DU-446 m2
colonial home design
Duplex for sloping land
520DU-520 m2
townhouse designs and floor plans
12 Bed + 4 Bath

See our ebook Interior Design Companion for help with Design Ideas, colour selecting, best selling tips and heaps of pictures to help you along the way.

With over 50 years experience in the Building Industry our team at Australian Floor Plans have the best of the best designs for you.
we also custom design dual living plans

Please inspect our collection of Duplex and Townhouse Designs by Australian and International leading architects and designers.

Our new duplex and townhouse concept plans are not full construction plans, however we can provide the full working drawings for you. Our preliminary plans include floor plans and details necessary for quoting and to begin the final construction drawings.

With your purchase of a concept plan, you receive permission to make modifications, redraw and build the plans. Please note that the copyright always remains with the original designer. We can modify the plan for you, or you can have the plan finished by your own draftsman or draftswoman. You can upgrade to full construction plans at any time. Please Enjoy our latest home plan collection of Duplex and Townhouse Designs

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swimming pools
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